Visiting Mexico from San Diego

Travel to Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, Etc.

Visiting Mexico from San Diego is safe and fun, if done right. I travel to Tijuana weekly and have been dozens of times to vacation in Rosarito, Ensenada, Extapa, and other destinations in Mexico. Whether you are looking for a cruise in Baja or just to take a day trip to TJ, let us be your guide.

Visiting Mexico from San Diego

San Diego to Mexico Cruises

Probably the easiest and safest way to travel to Mexico on vacation is to take a cruise. I mean, how do you beat all inclusive food, drinks, and entertainment? Cruises from San Diego to Ensenada, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and other Mexican vacation destinations are leaving weekly throughout the year. It may be winter where you live, but Cabo San Lucas is warm year round.

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Visiting Tijuana from San Diego

Tijuana Day Trip

Tijuana is a half hour away from San Diego and is perfect for an International day trip. Mexico is another country ,and it has a completely different culture. Let us help you have a fun and safe trip to Tijuana with insider tips, like the cheapest and quickest way to experience the best taco's in the world.

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Visiting Rosarito

visiting Rosarito

Visiting Rosarito from San Diego is fast. You can drive in under an hour or take a taxi for under $100 dollars round trip. A popular destination for the college age during spring break, this is a classic baja beach city. Less seedy than the Tijuana Playas and closer than Ensenada, this is a great place to get your baja fix.

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Visiting Tijuana e-book

Taking all of the best tips and pages that have come from all of my travel to Mexico, this Printable E-Book is the easiest way to have a safe and enjoyable Mexican Vacation. This guide book is so affordable at only 8.99, I am practically giving it away. Print it off for the whole family to have. Don't wait a week for your outdated copy of some corporate guide, get your up-to-date InTheCity guide today!

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Traveling to Mexico - Advice and Tips

Some final advice for traveling to Tijuana or Baja from San Diego:

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Insurance: Know your options and requirements for insurance. If you are driving you are required to have mexican car insurance, which can be purchased at the last U.S. exit or online at Baja Bound.

Phones: Most Carriers will charge huge roaming fees while in Mexico. Make sure that your phone is in Airplane mode or OFF before crossing the border. Otherwise you can often get charged even for messages received. Getting an international SIM card is easier than ever. Especially if you are traveling with family, look into Mobal World Phones for a SIM. Mexico is a great place, but having an emergency line or easy contact to family is always nice and recommended. (I have an international phone just for this personally)

Weather: Make sure to check the local weather forecast, but especially the forecast for Tijuana. The roads in Mexico are not built to handle rain as well as in the United States. The international toll road is excellent, but when it comes into Tijuana it can get quite flooded.

Money: When visiting Mexico from San Diego, you will want to have a good idea of what you are planning to spend. Bring some extra cash just in case. In Mexico, everything is cheap... nothing is free. You will likely pay to use the toilette, for fresh water, for tacos, sombreros, and who knows what else. Don't pay too much. Your dollar is worth 12 pesos and often can be exchanged at a "casa de cambio" for more (13 or 14:1). If you are going to be spending a lot of free cash, then you will probably get a better rate from the locals in Pesos if you exchange your cash.

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