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Hawaii Cruise-San Diego + LA Offer the Best Deals

When it comes to Hawaiian Island cruises, there are so many trip options that we made a quick guide to make your choices easier...

The first decision you need to make is do you want to fly to Hawaii and cruise from Island to Island, or do you want to jump on a cruise ship from the mainland. If you are looking for the cheapest cruise prices for your trip, then you want to go with the mainland option. Many times these cruises are far cheaper per day and then you can usually cut that price in half when you consider airfare and possible Hawaii hotels you would need to book on both ends of your trip.

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Leaving from San Diego or Los Angeles- Cruises to Hawaii are available year round. These ports offer the best prices to Hawaii and are your entertainment, food, travel, and hotel all in one. With less travel stress involved, forget about cramped legs and bad airline food, and relax by a pool on your way to the Island Paradise.

Once you arrive, Hawaiian Island cruises will take you from Island to Island. This is another huge advantage from conventional travel. If you plan on just flying in to an Island, you will need to choose one or maybe two destinations at most. When cruising through Hawaii you will have an opportunity to spend time in more of the most amazing Hawaiian beaches, sights, and adventure opportunities.

These trips are usually right around 14-day cruises give or take a few days. With prices as low as $1,000 (or occasionally lower!) that is around $70/day which is probably what you would spend on food anyways, much less what you would pay for a hotel. So why wait any longer? Pamper yourself with your family on a Hawaii cruise from San Diego or LA! Find your Perfect Hawaiian Cruise today!

Insider Tips

Bring your own gear- Why pay the big bucks for all those rentals? If you know ahead of time what you want to do, come prepared. For example, if you want to go snorkeling, bring your own mask and snorkel. If you don't have them, check rental prices because it may be comparable to buying your own. At least you made the decision in advance.

Make the most of your travels- If you are already traveling to San Diego or LA for the cruise, get there a day early to enjoy some of the great things to do in San Diego. I always practice this principle. If I can book a layover, I will.

Bring wet-bags- Anytime that you are visiting a tropical place where you plan on spending time in the water, you want to bring wet bags. I recommend bringing a few trash bags so you can put wet bathingsuits away without getting your other clothes damp.

Cruise Essentials- While you will be suprised at how big and stable the cruise ships are, if you are prone to motion sickness then bringing ginger and dramamine are good back-ups. A good pair of sunglasses and sunscreen are also complete essentials when traveling on a hawaiian Island cruise.

Hawaiian Island Cruises are amazing, find the cheapest cruise prices possible

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