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The International Language Studies Center (ICLS) is an independent women's school based in Washington, DC, which now celebrates 50 years of delivering high quality training in ESL and over 85 different foreign languages. The mission of www armenianbd is to offer students-centered language programs that develop the use of authentic targeted languages, focus on individual goals, and madrona enable students to become successful in a global environment.

ICLS is contracted by the Department of Foreign Service Institutions (FSI) to provide teachers, testers, testers, assessors, and developers of high-quality curricula to support the School of Language Studies at FSI. If you are interested in joining the ICLS project team at FSI, answer the following questions to better match you to the appropriate workforce categories and upload your latest resume in this format: First Name, Last Name, and Language Teacher

Qualification Additional Options:
BS / BAORMS / MAor degree of foreign equivalent in the relevant language education field is preferred.

The experience of teaching a foreign language (s) to an adult learner in a classroom setting is preferred.

1. The experience of developing foreign language teaching materials and / or curriculum is preferred.
2. The teaching experience with the communicative approach is favored.
3. The experience of incorporating various educational technologies in teaching is preferred.
4. Experience teaching blending learning activities is appreciated.
5. The experience of integrating social media applications for educational purposes is appreciated.
6. Teaching experience with task-based learning materials is appreciated.
7. The experience of managing skills-based assessments is assessed.
8. The teaching experience with vocabulary-based language learning materials is appreciated.

Experience of providing targeted training for the needs of respected diplomatic community.
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Second Language Instructor

In addition to the qualifications and requirements for Instructor I

At least three (3) years of teaching experience of foreign adult learners they will provide to FSI in a classroom setting (2 or more students).

BA / BS, MA / MS, orPh.D., or any equivalent foreign degree in any field.

At least three (3) years of experience teaching foreign languages ​​with

proficiency-based or task-based curriculum.

At least one (1) year of experience in managing skills-based judgment

(ie, DLPT, ACT-FL OPI, etc.).

Level of English language proficiency minimum 2: 2 on the ILR proficiency scale.

Necessary Languages

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